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Join Master Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite each Tuesday for tips on B2B copywriting, landing clients, and growing your freelance B2B copywriting business. B2B Writing Success will inspire and encourage you! Subscribe so you don't miss a single episode.

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The Fastest Way to Boost Your Income


How would you like to boost your income 50% or more with just one strategy? Steve Slaunwhite explains his five-step process for increasing your income.

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Cold Calling with Diana Schneidman


Steve Slaunwhite talks with author and successful freelance writer Diana Schneidman about how to build your freelance business through cold calling.

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Permission to Portfolio


Steve Slaunwhite has tips for getting clients to give their permission to include your work for them in your portfolio. His opinion is a bit different from what some copywriters believe so you'll want to hear what he has to say.

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What is Conversational Copywriting?


In this episode Steve Slaunwhite discusses conversational copywriting — what it is, when you should use it, and where does it work best. Plus, he explains when the conversational style isn't best.

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Juggling Two Niches with Guest Casey Demchak


Steve SlaunwhiteCan you work in more than one niche at a time? Or do you need to transition to the new niche? Steve talks with Casey Demchak to help you make the right decision.

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Creating a Buyer Persona


Before you start writing, you need a buyer persona. Find out more about this critical tool and how you can create a buyer persona if your client doesn't have one.

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When a Client Cancels a Project


What do you do when a client cancels a project after you get started? Steve Slaunwhite has some tips on how to handle this tricky situation and what to do up front to protect yourself.

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Four Client "Motivators" That Get You Hired


When do B2B clients decide to look for a freelance copywriter to hire? Steve Slaunwhite reviews the four main motivators that trigger a need for a freelance B2B copywriter.

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Pitching an Article to a Big Publication


Publishing articles in major publications is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert and attract high-quality leads. Steve Slaunwhite gives you tips on pitching your article and getting it published.

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How to Become a Big Name


If you're a “big name” copywriter it's much easier to land clients and get them to pay higher rates. Steve Slaunwhite explains what it means to be a “big name” and how you can become one yourself.

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