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B2B Copywriting Tips

Getting B2B Scripting Gigs


In the first part of a two-part podcast, Steve Slaunwhite has tips to help you land B2B script-writing projects. Find out the four types of B2B scripts and why the process for landing them is a different than other projects.

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Nailing the Case Study Interview


One of the most high-profile activities you can do for your client is the case study interview so it's important to do it right. Steve Slaunwhite tells you how to nail the interview and impress your client.

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Five Takeaways


Steve Slaunwhite discusses five key takeaways from the recent 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop with Casey Hibbard, Gordon Graham, Bob Bly, Casey Demchak, Melanie Rembrandt, and Ed Gandia.

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B2B Brand Writing


Steve Slaunwhite explains the three components of a brand and how to integrate all three into your copywriting. You'll be able to say “yes” with confidence when a prospect asks you help them develop and market their brand.

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Switching to a New Niche Market


Is there another niche that you want to switch to? It's not as difficult as you might think. Steve Slaunwhite outlines the five steps to take so you can quickly build a client base in your new niche.

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Transactional vs Engaged


There are two approaches to working with clients, the transactional approach and the engaged approach. Steve Slaunwhite looks at the pros and cons of each of them and tells you which one is better. You might be surprised by his answer.

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Top 7 Content Projects


At the 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop, top experts explain how to write the top seven most in-demand B2B content types. Steve Slaunwhite runs down the list and gives you a snapshot of each one.

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Bailing on a Project


Even new copywriters may face a situation where they need to stop working on a project. Steve Slaunwhite gives you some tips for exiting with your professional dignity intact and preserve the client relationship when possible.

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Gordon Graham on White Papers


The white paper is the king of content in the B2B world. Most companies use white papers (or similar collateral like ebooks and special reports) to gain thought-leadership, generate leads and grow sales.

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Dave Paradi on InfoGraphics


Business-to-business marketing communications are becoming more visual. In fact, the “poster-style” infographic (so common on Pinterest.com) is one of the most popular forms of marketing content right now.

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