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Marketing Yourself

Practical Tips for Boosting Your Confidence


The confidence you demonstrate when talking with prospects can make the difference in landing them as a client. Steve Slaunwhite has some practical tips to boost your confidence, even if you're a new copywriter.

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How to Stand Out in the Market


Don't blend in with other copywriters. Use these tips from Steve Slaunwhite to stand out as a B2B copywriter so you're the one that prospects find and hire.

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A Simple Way to Make a Cold Call


The dreaded cold call … is it as bad as you think? It doesn't have to be. Try this radically simple method for making cold calls less intimidating.

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The Two-Thirds You Might Lose


You could lose up to two-thirds of the revenue you could be earning if you make this one mistake. Steve Slaunwhite explains four easy things to do that could triple your copywriting income.

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5 Points of Value


If you can position yourself as a high-value copywriter, then you're far more likely to be hired by a B2B company who is willing to pay your fees. Steve Slaunwhite has five tips for demonstrating your value to your prospects.

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Portfolio One Sheets


Steve Slaunwhite shares a very effective method for sharing his portfolio with potential clients — the Portfolio One Sheet. Find out how to create your own Portfolio One Sheet that will showcase your expertise.

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How to Stand Out as a B2B Copywriter


While billing yourself as a B2B copywriter shows you have special knowledge, it takes more to get noticed. Steve Slaunwhite gives you tips on how you can differentiate yourself from other B2B copywriters so you stand out in the crowed and get hired.

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